Julian Marks Family My name is Julian Marks. I am a wife and a mother to a smart, sassy and incredibly sweet 4 year old little lady, and the most tender little 2 year old boy out there (I may be slightly biased). I am a lover of dogs- BIG dogs and am owned by a floppy eared, clumsy Great Dane named Cricket.

I am a birth story photographer and I began on this journey after having my son. I spent my full 2nd trimester on bed rest where I had lots of time to think and plan for the exact birthing experience I wanted. I spent countless hours researching and formulating my ideal birth plan for my miracle baby, but I didn’t think of one thing; a birth photographer!

On the day my son was born, I had family members responsible for capturing all the important moments. Although they had the best intentions, the photos came out dark, blurry and out of focus. I hadn’t taken into account that lighting would be hard to photograph in the dimly lit room that I was planning on birthing in. This was the moment I met my son and I wanted to remember every detail of it. I don’t want to forget how my husband rubbed my back and gave counter pressure on my hips, how my mom had a chap stick in her hand the whole time and kept making sure I used it. How my sister surprised me and was there for the birth of her first nephew, or how my daughter was so excited to meet her baby brother and came wearing her “Big Sister” shirt. Looking back on this day, I know hiring a birth photographer would have been a treasured investment.

I have studied, practiced and invested in a great setup for newborns and births. My studio is in bountiful utah and is setup with professional lighting and photo props, perfect for newborns and children. When shooting a birth I am able to photograph in dimly lit spaces and have the knowledge and ability to capture those moments for others. I have a deep passion for birth and believe every birth is special.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions. I look forward to working with you and helping to capture the special moments of your baby’s first birth day!